Hit the road shoulder bag   buy now

      everything we do at soleRebels is aimed at applying the unique cultural arts we have practiced here in ethiopia for millennia in  fresh , dynamic new fashions . creating our products this way  preserves important cultural assets ,   gives our customers incredibly cool + stylish things to wear and    generates   zero carbon impact , just as has always been the case with these forms of creation !
      like   the HIT THE ROAD BAG  .   we  hand spin  pure heritage  organic abyssinian cottons  and then  hand loom these  into gorgeous fabric in the traditional artisan manner on eucalyptus looms for COOL   zeroCARBON STYLE.    

       and to add some  optics to the whole mix we  craft the shoulder strap from  recycled truck INNER TUBES   and line the interior with hand spun cotton for cool rugged comfort .