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what  the     #$%!%!%     is    w a l k N A K E D ?????

          walkN A K E D is how people describe what its like walking  in a pair of  soleRebels  . And its how your soul + soles  will feel  when  U  walk in our super comfy footwear . . .   cuz at soleRebels we line our shoes and sandals with our magical super soft Abyssinian hand spun cottons and craft  our  soles from recycled tires , meaning   YOU  get the lightest  most comfy pair of footwear on the planet  !   just slide your feet in a pair ,  [ socks VERY optional of course] take 3 steps and VIOLA !  you will fully comprehend what it is to  walkNAKED   ……

I want to w a l k N A K E D.  RIGHT NOW !!!!
          You’re our kind of person!  Click here and shop our  amazing selection of soleRebels styles . OR  click here  and  see  HUGE selections of soleRebels  from one of  our amazing retailers near YOU.   either way you’re about 3 mouse clicks away from  being  ready  to  walkN A K E D !!

FREE TEES for everyone who walksNAKED ????

          YUP!   Just  email  us pics of U wearing your  soleRebels - and nothing unsuitable – that means please keep the pics suitable for ALL AGES .  If its GOOD  we will post it right HERE and send YOU one of our super*COOL super*exclusive soleRebels walkNAKED tees - shown below-  FREE  as a token  of our thanks for choosing to show the world how crucial  it is that  we ALL  walkNAKED !


walk N A K E D 1.0

soleRebels shoes 
+ bare feet
+ emailing a photo to soleRebels  
= free soleRebels walkNAKED tee shirt !!  

could we  have made this any easier ?!???!?!!?!?