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                                        happySOLES. guaranteed

    here at soleRebels creating footwear that makes people super happy in terms of style and comfort is our #1 goal .
And we want that feeling to continue long AFTER you buy your pair  of soleRebels.

      that’s why we named our satisfaction guarantee happySOLES.

     its simple and designed to make sure YOU are one happySOLE….OR soul.  ….. ok you  get what we mean

The happySOLES guarantee works like this:

     1. buy a soleRebel from us. if ANYTHING  is  wrong  we will replace the shoe NO QUESTIONS ASKED UNTIL YOU ARE 100% SATISFIED !

    2. we guarantee ANY soleRebel no matter where you buy it from for the life of the sole. So if anything on the shoe goes wrong BEFORE the sole has worn through , we will replace your pair. no questions asked !!

hanks for the support and stay happy!

+ soleRebel