its the  way we summarize  our  ethos of historic eco-sensibility  where great products are made  in a lo impact manner because historically that is they way that things have been done . IT makes great sense given that we have so many talented hands here in ethiopia  that are too often idle  because of lack of opportunity . and hand works creates  great things!     

roots. involves utilizing indigenous eco-sensible inputs like hand spun traditional organic cottons.  spinning these organics by hand  means we preserve+promote  an ancient artisan craft here in ethiopia while ensuring that our  small cotton farmers can continue growing a historic crop in the same way they’ve been doing for 100’s of years . best of all materials like these make gorgeous things!                                                                 
culture. involves things like hand looming our fabrics in the traditional artisan manner on eucalyptus looms .  now that’s authentic zero carbon production  !
tires. well that means continuing another age old  tradition here in ethiopia – reCYCLiNG…..  recycling for us here is a way of life here . in fact we’ve been recycling for YEARS without ever calling it that . when you have limited resources a use can be found for EVERYTHING . for  example we collect & sort used  tires and then hand cut them into  soles, ensuring  a perfectly fitted sole that is long lasting and very comfortable. best of all something that might otherwise go to waste now enjoys a dynamic +  new + useful purpose while keeping our landfills less clogged AND SAVING CO2 from being emitted when landfill bound tires are burned. YIKES!