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soleRebels Order Form

Click HERE . An email window will open up with an email directed to US here at soleRebels HQ! OPTIONAL- if you want to use your OWN EMAIL BROWSER simply copy the address into the  "TO" field of your email browser and put "soleRebels order "  in the subject line and then follow step 2 below.

STEP 2: Select, Copy  and  Paste ALL the information below  into the body of the email


STEP 3: please note pricing INCLUDES DHL express shipment to your door

Put the style name, color ,size  and  Number of pairs you are ordering

STYLE NAME:_____________
SIZE :_________________
Cost per pair in usd:
 NO OF PAIRS ordering:_____________

TOTAL in USD  $ ________________   [ includes  DHL express shipping TO YOUR DOORSTEP ]

fill in the information below


zip/postal code:

STEP 4: select your PAYMENT option of choice from the three options below  

[]IMPORTANT if using western union or moneygram Please advise US any payment codes we need to collect funds

Option 1

WIRE Transfer /  BANK TT
please have your bank follow the EXACT instructions below in BLUE and confirm payment has been made to us.

Please credit  BOSTEX  PLC's account  [ Account No.  0001511871001 ]  

with  Dashen Bank SC Main Branch  [  SWIFT CODE:  DASHETAA ; Address  : Dashen Bank MAIN BRANCH , DebreZeit Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ] 


Dashen Bank’s   Citibank NA New York account  [ Account No.  36120338 ;   Swift Code: CITIUS33;   ABA  Routing code : 021000089    ;   Address: Citibank New York, New York, New York 111 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, 10043, Bank Phone: (212) 559 1000 .  ]


****please note IF sending $ via bank tt  that ANY  BANK FEES ARE PAYABLE BY PAYER and net amount received by us must be what we have charged for the footwear



Name of recipient of funds:   Bethlehem Tilahun

Phone: 0911 11 08 48

Address: addis ababa, ethiopia


Option 3

Western Union

Name of recipient of funds:   Bethlehem Tilahun

Phone: 0911 11 08 48

Address: addis ababa, ethiopia

thanks for the order!!!