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soleRebels  hand loomed CINCH*sak

          we are VERY proud  to be  pioneers   of  energy effective packaging in the shoe bizness....    
        since we started 
soleRebels  we NEVER USED A SINGLE TRADITIONAL SHOE BOX to ship our footwear . Instead we  have  shipped many thousands of pairs of our shoes in these amazing hand-loomed CINCH*SAKS  to our equally amazing customers .        
   so  YOU have helped us   save
TONS of fuel + TONS water and a heap of electricity  that would have gone into making and transporting shoe BOXES  and the making and transporting  of plastic retail bags .
    and as a huge bonus  you have also helped  ensure  that  MANY talented folks here have  work
hand-looming these great bags  for us .  PLUS  hand looming means  truly 0 carbon output .  a win for you + us + this great planet !    could you ask any more from your shoe bag ?!?!!?         

    its like my  mom   says : its the small things that  really make a difference...